Hi, I'm Tanina, together with Deanna (now 9), Leandra (now 7) and long suffering husband Pete, our passion in life is showing our native ponies.

Pete and I have spent the last 16 years in this trivial pursuit, the latter with the children and their ponies, not trivial anymore. Along the way we have learned what not to do, when and where - what not to wear - what colour etc. etc. and we are still learning!

Our high point, so far, was when Deanna on Dinky (Sunrising Frisky) qualified for Wembley for the first time in 2000 - a dream come true. Leandra wanted to get there too!

Poor Pete - you could hear the groan across our native Isles - how could we possibly fund two children on the Wembley circuit. "Well", I said, "perhaps I should go back to work?" - "What!", said Pete, "who's going to look after our 15 assorted native ponies, two dogs, 3 cats & two children?" (He, who is already doing a 13 hour day away from home).

Perhaps I could do something from home I thought - my previous career had been working in IT - I could do something on that - how about on the Internet to do with the Ponies? Small horses for small children, but what shall we call it?

Well the rest is history as MicroPonies was conceived, born & launched in early 2001 and is now continually looking to expand its range of goods. For example, the recent introduction of In-Hand items.

I must mention a special thanks to our long suffering friends Brian & Jane, without their help and exceptionally long suffering patience this site would never have been launched (it's amazing how many shades of green there are - I didn't even know it was called Teal honest).

Thanks for visiting our site & good luck in your own pursuits.